Welcome to ASICS Stockholm Marathon!

The 2017 ASICS Stockholm Marathon will take place on Saturday 3 June. Runners will be divided into two groups which start with 10 minutes between. Group 1 will start at 12.00 and Group 2 at 12.10.

All entered runners will receive their digital registration card by email in the beginning of May.
Your start number is printed on the registration card.
You can also find your start number in ASICS Stockholm Marathon start list on www.stockholmmarathon.se

If any of the personal information on the digital registration card is incorrect, please email the correct information to resultat@marathon.se

Below is important information about the race. Please read carefully.

Registration / number bib collection

Registration and Runners Expo will be held at Danicahallen at “Östermalms IP”, (see map), 500 metres from the 1912 Olympic Stadium. The entrance is on ”Lidingövägen” which runs alongside the Olympic Stadium (see map).
Registration and the Runners Expo, with many running related exhibitor stands, will be open on Thursday 1 June from 15.00 to 20.00, Friday 2 June from 10.00 to 20.00 and on Saturday 3 June from 08.00 to 11.00.
All runners are invited to the Zeta Pasta Party on Friday 2 June between 12:00 and 20:00.
You collect your number bib by showing your digital registration card.
If you didn't receive or have lost your registration card, please bring your passport or photo ID to the information desk.
During the race, your number bib must be clearly visible on your chest.
On the number bib a letter – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H or J – is printed. The letter indicates in which group you will start.
It is, of course, forbidden for runners to give their race number to another runner.
Please complete the information on the reverse side of the number bib to help our medical personnel in case of emergency.
You will find the start list here

Public transport

The best way of getting to and from the registration and start/finish at the Olympic Stadium is by underground train ”T-BANA”, station ”STADION”.
More information.

Free transport

On race day , Saturday 3 June, public transport is free for runners, courtesy of SL, Stockholm Public Transport. You just show your number bib or digital registration card or print-out of your registration card when you enter the underground, local bus or local train.

Number bib envelope and plastic kitbag

At the registration you will receive your number bib and your Champion Chip which you attach to your shoelaces according to the instructions provided. You must use this Chip during the race for your time to be recorded.
After the race leave your Chip in one of the Chip collection stations at Östermalms IP.
At the registration you will also receive a plastic kit bag which can be used if you want to leave a change of clothes at the Clothing Drop off at Östermalms IP.

See information here.

Changing rooms

A limited number of changing rooms are available:
• The male and female seeded elite runners in group A can use the changing rooms at the Olympic Stadium.
• Male runners in group B can use changing rooms at ”Idrottshögskolan”, between the Olympic Stadium and “Östermalms IP”.
• All other male and female runners in groups C to J, can use changing rooms/tents at ”Östermalms IP”. See map.
All changing rooms are open from 9.00 to 19.00 on race day. Do not leave any valuables in the changing rooms!

Before the start

”Östermalms IP”, where all runners assemble before the start, is open from 8.00 on Saturday 3 June.

Clothing Drop-off

Hand in your clothing, by 11:00 at the latest, in the Clothing Drop-off area at ”Östermalms IP”. Use the plastic kit bag you will get at the registration.
You will also get an adhesive label with your start number and name at registration together with your number bib. Stick the label on your plastic clothing bag.
After finishing the race you can collect your plastic kit bag from the Clothing Drop-off area. You must present your number bib, when you reclaim your clothing.

Safety deposit service

For safe keeping of your valuables we advise you to hand them in at the safety deposit service at ”Östermalms IP” by 11:00 at the latest. You will receive a label for this when you get your number bib. You must present your number bib, when you reclaim your valuables after the race.

To the start

Each group has its own start pen on the street ”Lidingövägen”. From 11.00 you may walk from ”Östermalms IP” to your group´s start pen.
There are three exits from ”Östermalms IP” to the start. Each exit is clearly marked with the letters of the start groups which use the respective exit. The short walk from ”Östermalms IP” to ”Lidingövägen” is also marked with the letter of your start group.
Race officials are at the entrance of each start pen at “Lidingövägen” to ensure that runners are in the correct group. You must be in your start pen no later than 11.45 for group A – E and 11.55 for group F-J.
At each start pen there will be water on the right side of the street and toilets on left side.

The race starts

The race starts at 12.00 on ”Lidingövägen” for Group A, B, C, D, E and at 12.10 for Group F, G, H and J. ”Lidingövägen” is the street which runs alongside ”Östermalms IP”. Runners are divided into nine start groups according to previous marathon results. The letter on your number bib shows your start group. See map.
Group 1. Start at 12.00
• Group A: Seeded elite runners, men and women with numbers 1–199
• Group B: Men with numbers 201-1199
• Group C: Men and women with numbers 1501-3999
• Group D: Men and women with numbers 4001-6999
• Group E: Men and women with numbers 7001-9999
Group Start 2 at 12.10
• Group F: Men and women with numbers 10001 - 13999
• Group G: Men and women with numbers 14001-16999
• Group H: Men and women with numbers 17001-19999
• Group J: Men and women with numbers 20001-higher

You will find your start number HERE.

The course

The course is two laps through the central parts of Stockholm. The course is 42,195 metres. Note that the two laps are not identical. The first lap is 18 kilometres, the second lap 24 kilometres. Each kilometre is indicated by a km-sign.
To avoid problems when the top runners lap the slower runners , runners on lap one must keep to the right. Runners on lap two keep to the left!
Runners must follow instructions from the police and race officials along the course.

17 refreshment stations

Refreshment stations are positioned about every third kilometre (about every 2 miles) along the route. The first lap has 7 stations and the second lap 10 stations. See the map for exact locations.
At three refreshment stations (3 km, 16 km and 41 km) only water is served. At all other refreshment stations the Enervit G Sport lemon-flavour is served on the first set of tables. On the second set of tables, water is served. More information about Enervit G Sport.

Environmentally friendly

All cups used during the race are compostable and will be collected in compostable bags. The official waste disposal company Suez Sweden will collect and ensure that all cups are composted. Large trash bags for used cups will be placed after the refreshment stations. Please leave your cups here.
More information.


You can collect a sponge at the registration which you can bring to the race and use at the sponge stations which are located at each refreshment station.
After the race, please put your sponge in the large barrels that are placed after the finish line.

Extra energy

There will be energy stations along the course provided by race sponsors:
- 17 km - Enervit GT tablets
- 21 km   Brinks pickled gherkins
- 28 km   vegetable stock
- 30 km   Pepsi Cola
- 32 km    Enervit Gel
- 36 km    coffee and Pepsi Cola
- 37 km    Dextro Energy dextrose tablets
- 14 km, 26 km, 34 and 38 km Chiquita bananas

Shower stations

Shower stations will be located along the course.

Non finishers and Sverigetaxi service

If you decide not to finish the race, please make your own way to ”Östermalms IP” or please report to the nearest refreshment station. Free transportation will be provided by Sverigetaxi from most refreshment stations to a place near the finish area for non-finishers.
You can also travel free on the underground (T-bana) back to Stadion by showing your number bib.
You can return your ChampionChip for recycling in the Chip-collection bins at ”Östermalms IP”.

Medical personnel

Medical personnel will be in attendance at the start and finish areas and at each refreshment station along the course.
The medical personnel are authorised to order exhausted or injured runners to drop out.


Toilet facilities are situated at ”Östermalms IP”, the start area and at each refreshment station.

Intermediate times

Intermediate times are shown on digital clocks positioned along the route at 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 20 km, 21.1 km (halfway), 25 km, 30 km, 35 km and 40 km.
Please note that the clocks start with Group 1, ie at 12:00 so if you start in Group 2 you will need to deduct 10 minutes from the time shown on the clocks.
At these points your individual intermediate times are recorded and will be shown in the results on www.StockholmMarathon.se
Intermediate times are also shown on the diploma which you can download from the website www.stockholmmarathon.se after the race.

Run with Garmin pace runners

If you want help to keep an even pace during the race you can run with one of the Garmin pace runners. The pace runners – dressed in red shirts – carry flags of different colours to indicate what pace each runner will keep.

• Finishing time of 3.00: Grey flag.
• Finishing time of 3.15: Orange flag.
• Finishing time of 3.30: Red flag.
• Finishing time of 3.45: Green flag.
• Finishing time of 4.00: Yellow flag.
• Finishing time of 4.15: White flag.
• Finishing time of 4.30: Blue flag.
• Finishing time of 4.45: Pink flag.
• Finishing time of 5.00: Black flag.
• Finishing time of 5.15: Purple flag.
• Finishing time of 5.30: Brown flag.
Pace runners will be provided for specific times in both start groups (see below). Their start group time will be indicated on a bib on their back. The pace runners will run according to their gross time (from the time of the starting gun).

The Garmin pace runners start like this

Here is information about which pace runners we have in the different start groups:
Start time 12.00 (start groups A-E)
You will find pace runners with the predicted finishing time 3.00, 3.15, 3.30, 3.45, 4.00 and 4.15.
Start time 12.10 (start groups F-J)
You will find pace runners with the predicted finishing time 3.45, 4.00, 4.15, 4.30, 4.45, 5.00, 5.15 and 5.30.
All Pace runners have a number bib on their back showing their start time; 12.00 or 12.10.

Meet the pace runners

Please come to the Garmin Pace Runners booth at the Expo for more information. Here you can pick up a pace band which will help you to keep the km-times.
In the pace booth you will also meet some of the pace runners who can answer any further questions.

Maximum running time

The maximum running time is 6 hours. Three check points along the course must be passed by a certain time to be allowed to continue in the race.
• 21.1 km The first point at “Lindarängsvägen” will be closed at 15.10.
• 28 km The second point at “Strandvägen”, will be closed at 16.10.
• 32 km The third point at ”Lundagatan” will be closed at 16.45.
• The Finish in Stockholm Stadium will be closed at 18.10.
These closing times apply regardless of what time you crossed the starting line.
Runners who do not reach these check points in time will be provided with transport by Sverigetaxi (Yellow taxi cars) back to ”Östermalms IP”.

The finish

The race will finish in the 1912 Olympic Stadium where no less than 83 officially recognised world records in track and field have been set.

After the finish line you will receive your medal and, on the way out of the stadium, a sports bottle of water.

The medal, diploma and prizes

Each runner who finishes the race in less than 6 hours will receive the unique 2017 ASICS Stockholm Marathon medal. Every year the medal features different Stockholm landmark. This year's landmark is the Västerbron (The Wester Bridge) , which will be passed by the runners at 9 and 33 km.
All runners who complete the race can download a diploma from ASICS Stockholm Marathon website a few days after the race.
Prizes will be awarded to the best male and female runners on the day of the race and sent by post after the race to the top 3 in each age category.

Post race service at Östermalms IP

After finishing the race, please leave the stadium and proceed to ”Östermalms IP” (about 300 metres from the finish) where you will find the post race service offering water, Pepsi Cola, coffee, snacks, fruit, hot dogs, beer, Erdinger Alcoholfree beer and Enervit Recovery Bar, to help you refuel and recover.
Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut provide a free massage and footcare service for tired bodies, the footcare service is also available before the race.

Collect your t-shirt and return your Champion Chip

At ”Östermalms IP” you will receive your ASICS Stockholm Marathon finisher's t-shirt.

Please return your Champion Chip at one of the Chip return stations located around Östermalms IP.


Intermediate times and the preliminary results will be live during the race on ASICS Stockholm Marathon website (link)
The official results will be published on the website approximately one week after the race.

Strollers, cycles, etc not permitted

Participation on or with any device on wheels is not permitted in ASICS Stockholm Marathon (with the exception of authorised wheelchairs which are registered in the wheelchair category). This includes, for example, cycles, strollers, baby joggers, joelettes, roller skates roller skis, inline skates and skateboards.

Age categories

The 2017 ASICS Stockholm Marathon includes the following age categories for men and women: Open (born 1978–99), 40 plus (born 1973–77), 45 plus (born 1968–72), 50 plus (born 1963–67), 55 plus (born 1958–62), 60 plus (born 1953 – 57) and 65 plus (born 1952 or earlier).

Minimum age

Minimum age is 18 years (born 1999 or earlier).

Course certification

Course certification has been made by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Road Races) course measurer Hugh Jones on 25 April 2017.


The ASICS Stockholm Marathon is conducted in accordance with the rules laid down by the Swedish Athletic Association and by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations).


You participate at your own risk.
All runners are however insured against accidents which might occur during the race. For information, please contact the ASICS Stockholm Marathon office.

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact the ASICS Stockholm Marathon Office.
E-mail: info@stockholmmarathon.se
Phone: +46–8 545 66 440. (If you call from Sweden dial 08–545 66 440).


ASICS Stockholm Marathon T-shirts, tracksuits, sweatshirts etc. will be sold in the ASICS store at the EXPO.

Final note

Take it easy! Remember that running 42,195 metres on hard roads is demanding. Do not start unless you are entirely healthy. If you are uncertain please contact our medical team at the Expo on Friday 2 June or at the medical tent on Östermalms IP on Saturday 3 June.
Remember that there is no reason for embarrassment if you cannot finish the race. Anyone can have an unlucky day.
Good luck in the 2017 ASICS Stockholm Marathon!


The ASICS Stockholm Marathon is organised by athletic clubs Hässelby SK and Spårvägens FK. More information.
The race title sponsor is ASICS.
The race is sanctioned by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and by the Swedish Athletic Association.

Official sponsors: