Arlanda Express
underground, bus and taxi

Welcome to Stockholm! If this is your first visit in the Swedish capital we would like to give you some practical information about how to go by Arlanda Express, underground, bus or taxi in the city.

Arlanda Express

If you arrive by air at Arlanda Airport, the best way to go to the central part of Stockholm is to take the “Arlanda Express”. This express train goes from Arlanda Airport to the Central Station in Stockholm. The trip will take 20 minutes.
The cost is SEK 260 for one way ticket and SEK 490 for a return ticket. Children under 17 years old travel for free with an adult.
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Underground and bus

In Stockholm, a good way to travel in the city is to go by underground (“T-bana”) or bus. If you are staying a few days we recommend you to buy a travelcard that can be used on underground, buses and local trains (“pendeltåg”).
The cost for a travelcard valid 24 hours is SEK 115, 72 hours costs SEK 230 and a travelcard valid one week costs SEK 300. There will be an extra 20 SEK fee for the card itself.
You can buy the travelcard at any “Pressbyrån” small shop. These shops are located in almost all stations for the underground or the local train
SL Center is a full-service travel information center. SL Centers are located in the ticket halls of the T-Centralen station at Sergels­ torg, at the Central Station in the lower hall.
Zone tickets are ideal if you just make the ­occasional journey with public transport during your stay in Stockholm. You can buy these tickets at underground stations or local train stations, but not on a bus. Depending how far you travel the cost is SEK 44 – 88. If you buy the ticket at “Pressbyryån” it is a little cheaper.
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Cost for taxi rides in Stockholm can vary a lot depending on which taxi company you use. Our partner taxi company is Taxi 020. This company have good prices, and we recommend you to use Taxi 020.   Their yellow cars are easy to spot.
A taxi ride from Arlanda Airport to the central part of Stockholm is about SEK 500. A ride back to the airport is a little more expensive.
Other reliable taxi companies are Taxi Stockholm (black cars with white and yellow logo) and Taxi Kurir (dark blue cars).

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