ASICS Stockholm Marathon 2016
Information and registration

The 38th ASICS Stockholm Marathon will take place on Saturday 4 June 2016. It will be an exciting race in a beautiful city with more than 20,000 runners from all over the world.
This is one of the major sporting events in Sweden with hundreds of thousands of spectators along the route cheering the participants.

At the finish, in the classical 1912 Olympic Stadium, enthusiastic fans greet the runners.
The Marathon Expo, the Pasta Party and the Post Race Celebration are traditional parts of the event, bringing all the runners together in a joyful atmosphere.
With almost 7,000 international runners from more than 100 countries, the ASICS Stockholm Marathon is also a multicultural festival.

We welcome you to the most popular event in one of the world’s most beautiful capitals!
Here is information about the marathon and how to enter.

A city of contrasts

Welcome to Stockholm and one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval city centres, the Swedish capital is superbly positioned, with stunning and extremely varied scenery in every direction.
Just outside the city, the archipelago of 24,000 islands is waiting to be explored.
The Capital of Sweden is a city of contrasts - water and islands, history and innovation, small town and big city, long light summer nights and short winter days.
Thanks to the city´s compact size, you can see and do most things in a short space of time - which makes it a perfect destination for city breaks or longer stays.
Stockholm is one third water, one third green belt and one third city. The island of Djurgården, the world´s first National City Park, is only a short walk from the inner city.
Information about Stockholm:

Last-minute entries

Last-minute entries will be accepted at the ASICS Stockholm Marathon Expo in Danicahallen on Östermalms IP (see map) on Thursday 2 June from 15:00 to 20:00, Friday 3 June from 10:00 to 21:00.
Last minute fee is €125.
Östermalms IP is the sports grounds which is situated behind Stockholm Olympic Stadium. The entrance is on the street Lidingövägen.
Nearest subway station is "Stadion".


The average temperature in Stockholm during the first week of June is 18° C, equal to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is around 50 per cent.

Start at 12:00

The race starts at 12:00 on ”Lidingövägen”, the road just outside the Olympic Stadium. The runners will be divided into two groups that start at 10 minute intervals.

Scenic Course

The course is basically two laps through the central parts of Stockholm. The surroundings vary from the woods of the royal park ”Djurgården” to the streets of a big city.
The course passes buildings such as the Royal Palace, the City Hall, the Royal Opera and the Houses of Parliament. The course is one of the most scenic in the world.
Much of the race is run along beautiful waterfronts. When crossing the ”Västerbron” bridge, the runners will enjoy a fantastic view over a city with buildings ranging in age from the medieval times to the present day. The difference in altitude between the highest and the lowest point of the course is 29 metres.

Finish in the 1912 Olympic Stadium

The race will finish in the beautiful stadium built for the 1912 Olympic Games. The Olympic Stadium has been the site of numerous memorable athletic performances, with no less than 83 world records in track and field. There is no other arena anywhere in the world that comes close to that number. The 1912 Stockholm Olympic Stadium is truly a classic venue for athletics.

Timing System

We use the Champion Chip timing system that will record your net time.
Intermediate times will be recorded at 5, 10, 15, 20, 21.1, 25, 30, 35 and 40 kilometres.

Maximum running time

The maximum running time is 6 hours.

Minimum age

Minimum age is 18 years (born 1998 or earlier).

Age categories

The ASICS Stockholm Marathon includes the following age categories for men and women: Open, 40-44 years, 45-49 years, 50-54 years, 55-59 years, 60-64 years and over 65 years.

Pace runners

If you want help to keep an even pace during the ASICS Stockholm Marathon, you can join one of the pace groups. There will be 11 pace groups from 3 hours to 5 hours 30 minutes.

Pasta Party

All runners are invited to the Pasta Party on Friday 3 June.

Post Race Service

After the race all runners are offered water, soft drinks, coffee, snacks, fruit, hot dogs, recovery drinks, etc.
There will also be a massage service for tired muscles.

Medal and T-shirt

All runners who finish will receive an exclusive commemorative medal and the 2016 ASICS Stockholm Marathon finisher´s T-shirt.

Race centre

The entire start and finish area is situated clode to the Olympic Stadium.
You pick up your number bib, enjoy the ZETA Pasta Party, prepare for the start and join your friends or family after the race, all within a few minutes´ walk from the Olympic Stadium.

Almost 6,000 women

51 female pioneers ran the first Stockholm Marathon in 1979. In 2015 a total of 5,694 women registered for the race.

Start list

Within three days of registering your name will appear on the start list.

Official 2016 training T-shirt

The official 2016 ASICS Stockholm Marathon training T-shirt is for sale to all runners who enter the race. The T-shirt is dark blue with the words “I am training for 2016 ASICS Stockholm Marathon” in English and Swedish printed in green.
The T-shirt costs 31 Euro, including postage.
The T-shirt is available in the following sizes: men S–XXL, women S–XL.
The T-shirt is produced by ASICS. It will be sent to you by post when we receive your entry.

Strollers, cycles, etc not permitted

Participation on, or with, any device on wheels is not permitted in ASICS Stockholm Marathon (with the exception of authorised wheelchairs which are registered in the wheelchair category). This includes, for example, cycles, strollers, baby joggers, joelettes, roller skates roller skis, inline skates and skateboards.


Our office is open all year round. If you need further information please contact us.
Phone: +46 8 545 66 440.

The ASICS Stockholm Marathon is sanctioned by the Swedish Athletic Association and by AIMS (Association of International Marathons).

Organisers: Running clubs Hässelby SK and Spårvägens FK.
Title Sponsor: ASICS.

Welcome to the 2016 ASICS Stockholm Marathon!