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Last update: 2024-05-08.


On Saturday, June 1, it’s time for the 45th edition of the adidas Stockholm Marathon. The first start is at 12:00, and the second start is at 12:10. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to know before the race.


Welcome to experience the fantastic running atmosphere and collect your kitbag and bib at the adidas Stockholm Marathon Expo. Show your starting confirmation on your mobile phone when picking up your bib. If you’re picking up for a friend, you must show their starting confirmation. Did you know that the Expo is open to the public? So, feel free to bring your family, friends, and colleagues to enjoy the Expo atmosphere—there’s no bag ban at the Expo. However, we encourage all visitors to avoid bringing a bag and be aware that any bag brought into the Expo might be inspected by security personnel. Thank you for your understanding.

Please set aside extra time at the Expo to enjoy all the offers from our partners, learn about the latest news, and listen to our stage program, which runs on Thursday and Friday from approximately 4 PM to 7 PM. The program will be posted on the Expo website one week before the race. A large adidas sports store is available at the Expo, where you can buy shoes, clothes, and accessories, and there are food trucks outside where you can grab a coffee or a meal.

Oh, and if you have a child running the Mini Marathon on June 2, you can pick up their bib and T-shirt at the Expo (this does not apply to the Minsta Maran, for which you collect the bib on race day, June 2). Just show the Mini Marathon’s starting confirmation at the counters. If you pick up your Stockholm Marathon bib on Friday, you can also visit the Zeta Pasta Party at the Stadion between 12 PM and 8 PM. You get your pasta party ticket at the Expo, and if there’s space, others can buy a ticket at the Expo as well.

Opening hours:
Thursday, May 30, from 3 PM to 8 PM
Friday, May 31, from 10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday, June 1, from 8 AM to 11 AM

Location: Lejonhallen, Östermalms Idrottsplats.

Bib pickup is only available during these times and cannot be collected at other times. If any of the information on your starting confirmation is incorrect, please email the correct information to [email protected].

When you pick up your bib, you will receive your bib number and a large bag (kitbag), along with a self-adhesive label with your bib number, to be used if you want to leave change-of-clothes and valuables at Östermalms IP. The bag also contains various items from adidas Stockholm Marathon’s partners.

  • Is personal and cannot be transferred to another runner.
  • Must be fully visible on your chest during the race.
  • Has a letter—A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, or J—that indicates which start group you belong to.
  • Has a backside intended for you to fill in your name and emergency contact number, as well as any medication or condition you may have. This is to assist our medical personnel if you have any issues during the race.
  • The timing chip is also located on the back of the bib, so be careful not to damage it with safety pins or anything else.

It will be crowded at the Expo on Thursday and Friday after 5 PM, as well as on Saturday after 10 AM. We recommend coming during the day, Thursday or Friday, to avoid queues. Contact us if you need more information.

Do you need a taxi after the race? It’s difficult for taxis to reach the event area due to road closures. The easiest way is to head to Storängsvägen’s turnaround point and order a cab there!

Getting here – Public Transport

The subway and buses are the best and most environmentally friendly ways to get to both the adidas Stockholm Marathon Expo and the start at the Stadion. Another eco-friendly and pleasant way to get here is by bicycle, and you can park your bike outside the Expo, though not on Saturday.

To reach the Expo and the start, the easiest option is to take the red subway line 14 towards Mörby Centrum and get off at Stadion (about 400 m away). You can find SL’s journey planner on or through SL’s mobile app.

Leave your car at home or park at one of Stockholm’s park-and-ride lots. Here you can download a parking permit that serves as a parking ticket for June 1-2, 2024, at the park-and-ride lots marked on the permit. Download the permit here.

Zeta Pasta Party at the Stadion

As usual, we’re here to help you load up on carbs ahead of Saturday’s race. Join us as ZETA hosts a pasta party at the Stadion. We offer pasta, drinks, and great entertainment from the stage by the Marathon Gate. The Zeta Pasta Party is open from 12:00-20:00 on Friday, May 31. If you pick up your bib on Thursday and Friday, you’ll also get a pasta ticket; just follow the map on the back of the ticket.

Competition Rules

adidas Stockholm Marathon has the following age categories for men and women. There is also a class for those who identify with a different gender: Seniors (born 1985-2006), 40 years (1980-1984), 45 years (1975-1979), 50 years (1970-1974), 55 years (1965-1969), 60 years (1960-1964), 65 years (1955-1959), 70 years (1950-1954), 75 years (1945-1949), and 80 years (1944 or earlier).

Only runners born in 2006 or earlier can start in the adidas Stockholm Marathon.

It is not allowed to participate in the adidas Stockholm Marathon with any kind of wheeled device (except for those registered in the wheelchair class—racing wheelchair). This includes baby strollers, baby joggers, bicycles, joelettes, roller skates, roller skis, inline skates, handcycles, and skateboards, except for some with special permits from the race management. Walking poles are also not allowed.

The competition rules of the Swedish Athletics Association and the International Association of Athletics Federations, WA, apply.

Runners must follow instructions from police and officials. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to have an accompanying cyclist during the race.

Competition Shoes

Elite runners competing in shoes that do not meet World Athletics’ ”general availability” requirements risk being disqualified from the results list later on. You can find World Athletics’ list of approved road racing shoes HERE (updated January 20, 2024).



Using the clear bag (kitbag) with the self-adhesive baggage label that you receive when you collect your bib, you can leave your extra clothing before the start. Avoid bringing valuables to the event if possible.

Do not leave any closed bags in the kitbag; the contents should be fully visible. Only the designated kitbag for your clothes and personal belongings is accepted inside Östermalms IP, and it must be dropped off by 11:00. Other bags will not be allowed into Östermalms IP. After the race, you can retrieve your kitbag, with the bib number as proof, at the same place where you left it.


Seeded elite runners (men and women) in start group A change at Stockholm’s Stadion. Runners in start group B change at the School of Sport and Health Sciences, located just behind Stockholm’s Stadion. Other male and female runners in start groups C–J change in the changing rooms at Östermalms IP. The changing rooms are open from 09:00-19:00 on June 1. Do not leave anything in the changing rooms; use the clothing drop-off.


Seeded elite runners (start group A) gather at Stockholm’s Stadion. Other runners (start groups B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J) gather at Östermalms IP from 09:00. All access to the start corrals is from Östermalms IP, and each start group has its own corral on Lidingövägen.

The entrances to the start corrals on Lidingövägen open at 11:00. You must be in the corral by 11:45 for start groups A, B, C, D, E, and by 11:55 for start groups F, G, H, and J.

The three exits from Östermalms IP are clearly marked with signs indicating the start group letter designations. Start groups B and C exit through the gate directly toward Lidingövägen. Start groups D and E exit to the left of the yellow building in Ekbacken. Start groups F, G, H, and J exit through the gate to the right of Lejonhallen, toward Ryttarstadion.

All runners must be in their respective start corral at least 15 minutes before their start time. Each start corral has a fluid station on the sidewalk on the right side, toward Östermalms IP, and toilets on the left side of Lidingövägen.


The race starts in two waves, at 12:00 and 12:10, on Lidingövägen outside Östermalms IP. Your start group letter is on your bib.

Start Group 1 – 12:00
  • Start group A: Seeded elite runners, bib numbers 1–300
  • Start group B: Bib numbers 301–1500 (wheelchair racers are on the left side of this group)
  • Start group C: Bib numbers 1501-4500
  • Start group D: Bib numbers 4501-8000
  • Start group E: Bib numbers 8001-12000
Start Group 2 – 12:10
  • Start group F: Bib numbers 12001-16000
  • Start group G: Bib numbers 16001-19000
  • Start group H: Bib numbers 19001-23000
  • Start group J: Bib numbers 23001 and higher

You can find your bib number in the race’s start list.

NOTE: It will be crowded in the first few kilometers, so take it easy at the beginning.


The course is 42,195 meters long and has been measured in accordance with the regulations set by the Swedish Athletics Federation and the World Athletics Federation. The measurement was conducted in May 2023 by the federation’s international course measurer, Mikael Hill from Stockholm. Each kilometer is marked with a clear sign.

Dynamic map


At 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 20 km, 21.1 km (halfway), 25 km, 30 km, 35 km, and 40 km, there are time displays on the right or left side of the street to help you check your split times. Note that the clocks are set to start after the first start time at 12:00. If you started in the second wave at 12:10, you’ll need to subtract 10 minutes from the times shown on the clocks.

At these points, your split times are recorded and will later be available in the results list on our website. These split times will also be on the certificate that you can download from the race’s website after you finish.


Not sure what pace to maintain during the race? Garmin’s pacers will help you find the right speed. Join one of the experienced marathon runners who run at a consistent pace with a target finish time ranging from 3 hours to 5 hours and 45 minutes. The pacers adjust their pace according to the course profile, which means that the average speed can be higher or lower at times to reach the target finish time. The pacers also adjust their pace at the fluid and energy stations to give you extra time to hydrate and refuel.

The pacers run at a pace that provides the following finish times based on ”gross time,” from the starting gun for each group to crossing the finish line. Here you can see the distribution of pacers in each start group.

  • 3.00 (target finish time) (average pace 4:16 min/km): black flag (start group B, C)
  • 3.15 (target finish time) (average pace 4:37 min/km): red flag (start group C, D)
  • 3.30 (target finish time) (average pace 4:58 min/km): gray flag (start group C, D, E)
  • 3.45 (target finish time) (average pace 5:20 min/km): orange flag (start group D, E, F)
  • 4.00 (target finish time) (average pace 5:41 min/km): white flag (start group D, E, F)
  • 4.15 (target finish time) (average pace 6:03 min/km): yellow flag (start group E, F, G)
  • 4.30 (target finish time) (average pace 6:24 min/km): black flag (start group F, G, H)
  • 4.45 (target finish time) (average pace 6:45 min/km): red flag (start group F, G, H)
  • 5.00 (target finish time) (average pace 7:06 min/km): gray flag (start group G, H)
  • 5.15 (target finish time) (average pace 7:28 min/km): orange flag (start group G, H)
  • 5.30 (target finish time) (average pace 7:49 min/km): white flag (start group G, H)
  • 5.45 (target finish time) (average pace 8:10 min/km): yellow flag (start group H, J)

The flag on the back of the pacer indicates the target finish time, and there’s a bib indicating their starting time.

At the pacer booth at the adidas Stockholm Marathon Expo, you can pick up pace bands to help you maintain your target pace.


The maximum time allowed is 6.5 hours, according to permission from the Police Authority. Along the course, there are four checkpoints with ”stop times” that runners must pass before the designated time to continue the race:

  • 21.1 km – Djurgårdsvägen by 15:25.
  • 27 km – Rosenlundsgatan by 16:20.
  • 32 km – Scheelegatan by 17:05.
  • 36 km – Vasabron by 17:45.
  • The finish line at Stockholm’s Stadion closes at 18:40. These stop times apply regardless of when you crossed the starting line.

If you are forced to withdraw, you can get transportation from the nearest fluid station. Runners who do not meet the maximum time at one of the four stop times will also be transported back to a location near the Stadion/Östermalms IP.

You can also take the subway back to the Stadion if you have an SL access card, a payment card, or your mobile phone so you can buy an SL ticket if you have a mobile bank ID. 


Along the course, the adidas Stockholm Marathon offers unique world-class runner services.


We have a total of 17 fluid stations. At fluid stations 1, 3, 8, 12, 14, and 16, only water is served. At all other fluid stations, the sports drink Enervit Sport isotonic orange-flavored drink is served in red cups at the first tables, and water is served in white cups at the tables further ahead.

  • 3.8 km – Torsgatan
  • 5.5 km – Fleminggatan
  • 7.2 km – Stadshuset
  • 9.5 km – Skeppsbron
  • 12 km – Karlaplan
  • 13.7 km – Valhallavägen
  • 16.3 km – Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen
  • 18.2 km – Manillavägen
  • 21 km – Nordiska Museet
  • 23.3 km – Skeppsbron
  • 26 km – Magnus Ladulåsgatan
  • 28.4 km – Varvsgatan
  • 30.6 km – Rålambshovsparken
  • 32.7 km – Fleminggatan
  • 34.5 km – Torsgatan
  • 37.4 km – Skeppsbron
  • 40 km – Karlaplan

The cups used at the fluid stations are biodegradable and will be collected after the race by Sortera. After each fluid station, there will be large Sortera bags. Please dispose of the cups in these bags.


We have a total of 11 energy stations. Here you’ll find food, drinks, both salty and sweet, to help you make it to the finish line. The energy stations are located just before the fluid stations.

  • 9.5 km – Skeppsbron – Simply Cola
  • 13.7 km – Valhallavägen – Bananas
  • 18.7 km – Biskopsudden – Bananas
  • 21 km – Nordiska Museet – Pickles
  • 23.3 km – Skeppsbron – Simply Cola
  • 26 km – Magnus Ladulåsgatan – Enervit GEL, cola flavor
  • 27.5 km – Hornsgatan – Apple pieces
  • 28.4 km – Varvsgatan – Bananas
  • 32.7 km – Fleminggatan – Vegetable broth
  • 34.5 km – Torsgatan – Dextrose
  • 37.4 km – Skeppsbron – Coffee

For those who want the best possible support during the race, we recommend purchasing Enervit’s refueling service, which includes three Carbo gels served at 8 km, 18 km, and 36 km. If you missed adding this when you registered, you can buy it later here. It’s also possible to purchase it at Enervit’s booth at the Expo. You can also pick up your armband there, which you need to wear to receive the refueling service along the course.


If you choose to keep items like gel packets or cups in your hand after leaving a station, dispose of them at the designated stations where bags are provided. Throwing trash on the ground between stations is prohibited and could lead to disqualification. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced bad behavior where participants throw trash between stations, which then blows into lakes or storm drains without the possibility of cleanup. As organizers, we do our best to make it easy for you to dispose of trash at our fluid and energy stations, but we also need your common sense when it comes to littering in between. Keeping your trash in your hand a bit longer is a small sacrifice, helping us keep Stockholm’s streets clean after the race.


There are refreshing showers along the course. Our partner Ångtvättbilen provides the shower stations between fluid stations.


Running a marathon is quite an accomplishment, and so is the encouragement you’ll receive. We’ll have everything from large brass bands to DJs, speakers, live bands, and cheering sections along the course, all to help you endure the full 42,195 meters.


There are toilets at Östermalms IP, at the start corrals on Lidingövägen, and at each fluid station along the course. Free feminine hygiene products are always available at our information tent at all of our races for those who need them!


The adidas Stockholm Marathon is a challenging event, so start cautiously. 42,195 meters is a demanding distance, and you need to have energy left for the final miles. Medical personnel are available at most fluid stations along the course, as well as at the start and finish.

The role of the medical personnel is to provide first aid and ensure that participants who need further care are transported to a hospital. Their role is not to ensure that participants who feel unwell or are obviously injured continue. They have the right to remove injured or exhausted runners from the course. If you need help getting back to the event area, we have motorcycle transport service or vehicles from the nearest fluid station. Notify the officials if you need assistance.

Take it easy! And don’t start unless you are 100% healthy. Remember, there’s no shame in dropping out if you feel exhausted. If you’re unsure about whether you should start, please speak with representatives from our medical team at the medical tents at Östermalms IP throughout Saturday.



Immediately after crossing the finish line at Stockholm’s Stadion, you’ll receive your well-deserved medal. Just outside the Clock Tower at the Stadion, you’ll get a water bottle, which you can refill at water stations on your way down to Östermalms IP and in the service area. All finishers can download their certificate from the adidas Stockholm Marathon website after the race. Awards for the top male and female runners will be given at Stockholm’s Stadion immediately after the race. Additionally, the top three in each age group will receive a prize, which will be sent out after the race. Remember not to stop at the finish line; the best recovery is to walk directly to Östermalms IP and the after-race services.


After finishing, you continue to Östermalms IP (300 meters), where you’ll receive your adidas Stockholm Marathon 2024 finisher’s shirt. Result services can be found near the shirt distribution.

Once you’ve collected your shirt, you’ll be offered water, soft drinks, snacks, coffee and buns, fruit, sausages and bread, and alcohol-free beer to replenish your energy. Here, there’s plenty of time and space for relaxation and post-race chat.

PLEASE NOTE! Only participants are allowed at Östermalms IP before and after the race on Saturday. Family and friends can meet you at Lidingövägen (the start area) after you’ve left the service area at Östermalms IP. Special flags with the letters A-D are set up to help you coordinate where to meet. Refer to the map of Östermalms IP for designated meeting points.


After the race, Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut offers massage at Östermalms IP.


Split times and preliminary results can be found on the website during the race. The official results list will be published a week after the race.


Your friends and family can follow your split times during the race via the adidas Stockholm Marathon app or on the results page on our website, On the results page, click ”Tracking and Replay” and then enter the name and/or bib number of the runner you want to follow. The link will be available from Friday, May 31, the day before the race.

The adidas Stockholm Marathon will be broadcast live on TV4 between 11:45 AM and 3:30 PM, and on TV4 Play from 2 PM to 7 PM.


Our partner for waste management and recycling. Marathongruppen and Sortera have been collaborating for several years to make our events more sustainable. In 2024, we’re introducing a new step in the sorting process, where you, as a participant, play a crucial role. Our event areas now have sorting stations where you sort your waste into different categories. This means you might need to walk a few extra meters to reach a sorting station at our event sites. Along the course, stations for cups and residual waste are available as usual at our fluid and energy stations. Thank you for always looking for Sortera’s stations when you need to dispose of something. This helps us clean up, and you become an important part of our sustainability efforts in collaboration with Sortera.


To ensure that you, the participants, along with staff and spectators, feel safe during the event, we have decided on several security measures with the police.

At Östermalms IP, the gathering and service area for participants before the start and after the finish, only participants and working staff are allowed. Spectators and family are directed to meeting points outside on Lidingövägen, just outside Östermalms IP, where you can meet after the race. Check our map of Östermalms IP. Runners are not allowed to bring bags (such as backpacks) to the start corrals, and it is only allowed to participate in the race with hydration backpacks or hydration belts.

There is a total bag ban for spectators at Stockholm’s Stadion on Saturday, June 1, except for medical-related bags and diaper bags for children. There will be security checkpoints at the entrances and exits once the Stadion is open to the public at 12:15 PM. Public entrances are located on the long side toward Lidingövägen, to the left of the Clock Tower. If you’d like to return to the Stadion as a participant after your race, you need to wear your bib number and bring your kitbag with your belongings.

See our map of Stockholm’s Stadion further up the page. 

As a participant, you will notice more security personnel and guards around and inside the arenas on June 1. Always feel free to approach them or our staff if you have any questions or find yourself in a situation that makes you feel uneasy. They are there for you!


If you have any questions before the adidas Stockholm Marathon, please contact us at tel 08-545 664 40 (Tuesday-Thursday, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM and 1:00 PM-3:00 PM) or via email at [email protected].

The race is sanctioned by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Road Races), World Athletics, and the Swedish Athletics Association.

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